• Group size: 40 – 120
  • Playground required: island or nature reserve
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: goal setting, confidence, limit exceeding, teamwork, never back down, adapting to change, time management

Recently, businesses have been looking for all-new team building programs to leave the stress of every day work behind, abandon “Our Civilization” altogether and test their mettle against nature. In which, the survival challenge in the wilderness is the exceptional choice to unlock limitless human potential.

The playground is an unfamiliar outdoor environment, with many options such as an offshore islet, a remote village or a lesser-known forest. Participants are trained with survival skills and ready to adapt in this environment. Activities consist of knotting, navigating, communicating, first aid, plant identification, fire making and more. In a new situation, lacking daily comforts and facing a mission “impossible”, each member has to rely on each other, therefore learn to trust each other and utilise everyone’s skills. Survival skills are practised, team spirit is raised. Although there are many seemingly insurmountable challenges, risks are always managed and strictly controlled in all activities, at all times and places.

Exotic Vietnam does not aim at individual achievements, the success of the program is to ensure that the participation is maximum and outcomes draw out for each individual and team. Meet & share us to select the suitable venue, tailor a range of activities satisfied your fitness levels, event goals and company core values.