• Group size: 40 – 1000
  • Playground required: factory yard, park or beach
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: mindfulness, motivation, respect, physical & mental health, coordination

Organizing a “Health & Safety Day” is a great way to launch wellness movements, spur greater awareness about safety issues, and generally show your employees how to care for their own happy life. The event brings practical benefits, both to the company and the employees

“Health & Safety Day” is becoming increasingly popular in many companies. In a variety of ways, employees are being informed about health issues and motivated to do something for their own health. This shows a specific action of the business to build a safe working environment and regular health training movement for each individual and the collective in general. Most events have some common content, such as reviewing related policies in employee manuals, practicing measures, attending lectures on essential topics, themed exhibitions, health check up & consultation, and so on. Additionally, the event is a fun filled playground to strengthen colleague bonds by engaging all corporate members to participate in the sport competitions.

No doubt, health & safety is an important part of life, which positively affects your career success. Bring the slogan “Life matters most” into your business’s annual events as a long-term operation. Exotic Vietnam welcomes and listens to your requirements to carry out this useful program.