• Group size: 40 – 200
  • Playground required: village
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: motivation, morale improving, responsibility, mindfulness, teamwork

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now becoming a trend of many businesses based on the connection between sustainable development in business operations and creating a common value for the whole society. One of them is volunteering to share difficulties with the community. It has made a greater impact than we could ever have imagined, not only to raise a bit money for poor people, also even to have positively changed the lives of people less fortunate and open them a new future.

Not only the annual International Day of Charity on September 5, there are also many interesting ways to participate in The Charity Day at any time. It is your own event for fundraising, volunteering with a good local purpose or simply enhancing awareness for emplyees. Some activities are considered such as tree planting, school repairing, orphanage visiting, gift giving to less fortunate children, etc. Through these volunteering activities, your business will gain more cohesion and understanding of all employees, improve the culture of caring & sharing, develop a mutual relationship between business and community as well.

If you are also cherishing to organize volunteer activities for your business, but do not know where to start. Please share with Exotic Vietnam, we will discuss with you to perfect the idea and organize effectively the event.