• Group size: 40 – 100
  • Playground required: village
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: motivation, morale improving, responsibility, mindfulness, teamwork

In countryside around your city, lots of children still walk for kilometers each day to attend school, earn their living, and go for medical treatment. On foot, they have to conquer the challenge of distance to keep up everyday tasks. Charity Bicycle Campaign aims to collect bicycles, used or brand new, and get them to those in need, especially children. Deep down, everyone wants a better life and helping others helps ourselves.

Have an old bike leaving in your room corner that you never ride anymore? Your bicycle is needed and highly appreciated if it’s useful to someone, of course which is guaranteed in ride-able condition. A corporate campaign is opened to collect bicycles. As one of outstanding trends during the past few years, the more people’s charity participation is a proof that the movement is more understood and spread out in the company. These efforts help employees to increase the awareness of helping and sharing with the community and strengthen the cohesiveness amongst the staff​.

The event can be combined with a team building program where everyone accomplishes a common goal of “producing” new bicycles. Activities are designed to simulate corporate core values as facilitating teamwork, leadership, camaraderie, and opening communication channels between employees, and more. When it’s time, each team is rewarded with the parts to assemble into a complete bicycle and step-by-step instructions that you must be skilled at doing. These bicycles can be given directly to disadvantaged children in the locality where you are gathering (according to a list prepared in consultation of local authorities) or donated to representatives of the local community, school and charity.

The trip is a time to think about those less fortunate than yourself. Do those little things with great heart that can make the big difference in someone’s life. How to work together more effectively as well as the wonderful feeling of giving back to the community make this trip an unforgettable excitement. Contact us, work together with Exotic Vietnam to run this journey full of kindness.