Family day 2024

Summer is coming up, Family Day is approaching for every business. Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Vung Tau – Ho Tram etc. or right in the city, Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi are familiar choices for this event, all of them will be very surprised & expected through the ideas and organization of Exotic Vietnam.

Corporate Family Day will give your staff along with their families and friends an exciting, fun and relaxing day. It is about everyone of all ages in family, all positions in company enjoying a day out and having a great time in a friendly, warm, and informal atmosphere. Experience team building games that include intellectual and physical challenges with a series of tasks to promote solidarity, mutual love, understanding and sharing.

The event is also the perfect way to show appreciation to hard working staff and value the support they receive from their families, to strengthen relationships between family members and co-workers, to reward your employees and thank them for their continued loyalty & contribution to company success. The company is always a kind of big family where everyone has a specific role, and where everyone is valued and works for a common goal with joy and positivity.

With our experienced staff, Exotic Vietnam can help you set goals, choose venues, design activities and execute effectively your Corporate Family Day by principles:

  1. Safety comes first. Safety in the event space (equipment installation, electrical system, etc.), food & drinks, fire, explosion and team building activities, etc. Ensure risk analysis before the event and safety supervision on site. Have a first aid plan if the situation occurs.
  2. Cost estimates are consistent with the company’s budget plan. Prioritize allocating budget to items of interest: rewards, meals, honors, etc.
  3. Plan a detailed family day from idea, design, implementation, and management of all activities. Keep formalities to a minimum and invest lots of eating, drinking, playing, entertaining and connecting together.
  4. Do you have a theme or focus for your family day? Should the choice of venue, decorations and entertainment during the event all reflect the theme? If you need ideas, please call us, Exotic Vietnam.
  5. Receive input from departments within the company. What was the ineffectiveness that caused disappointment at Family Day from last year or the year before?
  6. Make a good first impression with an invitation (printed on paper or a design file sent via phone or email) or a surprise event organized in the company to count down Family Day to attract attention for everyone.
  7. Choosing a suitable venue is not only convenient for access but also creates a space suitable to the theme and budget, or simply creates a surprise for participants.
  8. Design team activities suitable for space and time to create joy, sharing and connecting strength.
  9. Choose a menu and expected service (buffet, set menu, BBQ, …). Paying attention to special dietary requirements makes all guests feel welcome and cared for.
  10. Create a fun and unforgettable atmosphere in performances. Use “homegrown” performance teams to enhance the morale of the performers themselves. Choose performances by professional artists that have the ability to touch hearts and surprise people.
  11. Activities for all ages – with or without kids? If your child is attending, don’t forget to have a place for them to run around, delicious food or a lovely gift for them to fondle.