• Group size: 40 – 200
  • Playground required: nature reserve
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: goal setting, time management, idea sharing, exercise, problem solving, decision making

History books said that: “At the end of 1788, 50,000 Qing troops divided into three directions to attack Dai Viet (a former name of Viet Nam). With powerful forces, the Qing army quickly captured Thang Long citadel in very short time. Upon receiving the news, King Quang Trung boldly launched a speedy operation from Phu Xuan to the north. The Tay Son army both recruited and urgently trained soldiers while marching. Earlier than expected, within only 5 days, the Tay Son Army defeated all Qing troops and liberated Thang Long citadel”.

Inspired by this legendary operation, Exotic Vietnam builds a team building script with each team corresponding to an army and a series of obstacles named historical battle fields of Nghe An, Ha Hoi, Ngoc Hoi, Dong Da, etc. The “obstacles” simulate challenges that Tay Son army had to confront. In Thang Long citadel, where all the wings gathered for the final battle with the message of victory conveyed through the connected images in the spectacle sound of the triumphal chorus.

The goals of every business are akin to those of “The Lightning-fast Operation”, and awards are given to both the winners in game and those who persisted at their jobs to accomplish real-life business goals. By providing an outdoor environment in which employees can open up, support one another, build genuine friendships, perform better in their day-to-day roles and try to achieve common targets too. The challenges are intended to give the teams work under pressure within a limited time frame and fill their day with fun and laugher. Get in contact with us to find out how we can build a suitable program for you.