• Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Playground required: lawn or beach
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: fun, motivate, reward, teamwork

Corporate Family Day will give your staff along with their families and friends an exciting, fun and relaxing day. It is about everyone of all ages in family, all positions in company enjoying a day out and having a great time in a friendly, warm, and informal atmosphere. Experience team building games that include intellectual and physical challenges with a series of tasks to promote solidarity, mutual love, understanding and sharing.

The event is also the perfect way to show appreciation to hard working staff and value the support they receive from their families, to strengthen relationships between family members and co-workers, to reward your employees and thank them for their continued loyalty & contribution to company success. The company is always a kind of big family where everyone has a specific role, and where everyone is valued and works for a common goal with joy and positivity.

With our experienced staff, Exotic Vietnam can help you set goals, choose venues, design actvities and execute effectively your Corporate Family Day.