• Group size: 40 – 120
  • Playground required: nature reserve or coastal sanddunes
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: goal setting, limit exceeding, patience, physical & mental health, teamwork

Are you are looking for something other than the usual team building or running program? It’s time to catch up the “HOT” trend, change your mind to experience the very unique night athletic activity. That is a new way to energize your staff, strengthen your team’s bond and help them create lasting memories and stories to tell for many years to come.

“Dash in Dark” gives you a strong impression for the first-time doing. Take a check-in photo of with the reddish sunset fading on sanddunes or on the edge of the forest, and so on keeping the magical moment of nature. Different glowing colors painted on the face and attached to the shirt help to identify teams. Work together to complete a variety of tasks from searching and arranging to transporting dinner food. The participants will either go over, under, or through different obstacles challenging both physically and mentally. Headlights or torches, along with GPS coordinates are necessary for navigation in the dark. At the end, the cooking & dining experience will be a combination of teammade food, inspiring music, and a story that brings your team together.

It’s the great experience you’ve heard about and always wanted to try. Your staff will enjoy the team building in a way they’ve never seen it before. Discuss with Exotic Vietnam to design a layout right for fitness and full of surprises!