• Group size: 100 – 1000
  • Playground required: everywhere
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: community responsibility, brand promotion, building customer trust & loyalty, improved morale.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) brings many benefits to companies, not only retaining employees and building communities around the company, but also strengthening your company’s public image and enhancing customer satisfaction & loyalty. That’s why you should blend CSR and events to communicate to your customers what you have been giving back to the community.

Engage your customers in CSR events by creating the great experience for them. It’s important that your company should implement CSR into your event’s agenda to share the positive impact you have in society, more importantly, to contribute hands-on to surrounding communities. Your customers can take part in a CSR-themed team building competition, a fun run, an amazing race, etc. in which winners’ prizes are used to raise for charity. CSR programs can be customer appreciation trips that combine sigh-seeing, relaxation with social activities from restoring old playgrounds to school painting, from planting trees to beach cleaning, from rural road construction to donating water filters, and so on. It’s sure that everybody enjoys the contribution and by the end of it, not only they feel better, have more energy, but knowing that they’re helping people in need.

CSR events with customers are one of meaningful solutions to grow your business. Contact Exotic Vietnam to make your dreams come alive.