• Group size: 40 – 200
  • Playground required: nature reserve, lawn or beach
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: health, fun, motivation, problem solving, rewards, teamwork.

Camping Day
In the modern world, with instant messaging apps, social networks and the internet at our fingertips, we sometimes lose sight of our traditional communications. You and your colleagues may have also spent evenings in restaurants, bars or gala nights with loud music. Those are the moments when we see each other but don’t really spend time together.
Camping is one of the best ways to bring people together and forge stronger relationships, whether these people are new employees who have just worked for a short period of time, or they are old co-workers and you want to get closer. During the trip, you have plenty of time to talk without the distraction of the rest of your families and technology. Taking on roles in the campsite is also a way of sharing. Someone does the cooking, another the washing up, someone is responsible for getting the firewood, someone else for lighting the fire, etc. At the same time, you can join a challenging trekking trip designed with fitness in mind. Or face uncomfortable situations together when bad weather is unfortunately encountered. Maybe a sudden downpour brought everyone closer together than ever before.
Giving up daily routines & comforts to live together in a new environment allows the participants to become extremely close in a short period of time. Exotic Vietnam is pleased to be a partner to share and implement this idea with your business. Camping can be a fun and novel way to improve teamwork than conventional team building methods.