• Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Playground required: beach
  • Location: nationwide
  • Benefit: fun, motivate, reward, teamwork

The hurried daily routine of work pressure, urban heat and smog makes people tired. Looking to nature is the best way to relieve stress. The marine environment is an ideal venue where you have some fun with your colleagues and take part in team building activities to inspire the company’s core values.

With its clear waters and white sands, the beach is a great choice for hosting outdoor games, both in water and on land, to engage all employees. Exotic Vietnam offers tailored programs according your need, fitness level and budget, in order to foster further cohesion among employees in the company. With various concepts such as Summer Challenge, We Are Family, Beach Challenge, Beach Olympics, etc., a series of exciting games that help everyone have a break to relax and recharge oneself, bond together, work more efficiently and create lasting memories.

Are you looking for the ultimate team building event on the beach? Get in touch with Exotic Vietnam now and together we will make an unforgettable event.