On the occasion of 15th anniversary of Toyota Ly Thuong Kiet Company, the management team has collaborated with Exotic Vietnam to design an extremely meaningful and majestic Teambuilding program named “One Team, One Dream”. The program was organized in two rounds in order to ensure that all members of Ly Thuong Kiet, Tan Phu and Tay Ninh branches were fully involved. The program was held to welcome the newly established Tay Ninh branch, which also provided members with more time to exercise and connect members closer together.

In the beginning of the training program, each team was tested to create eat them ware made by themselves in Bau Truc pottery village. Although the program has encompass many challenges from ocean rafting, jungle trekking, Toyota members still keep their chin up.

Although the challenges have made the members spend a lot of energy. But as soon as they set foot on the island, there is still no fatigue in the Toyota members, the team continues to be engrossed in the challenge of cooking and satisfying the processing of extremely creative and unique dishes. For the next, the members continue to conquer the challenges along the way during the trek with natural obstacles in the jungle. Overcoming three challenges along the ridge to the coconut gardens, the stages of Toyota Ly Thuong Kiet: “Ly Thuong Kiet start-up – Tan Phu growth – Tay Ninh development” were fully revealed. From the resources received through the ordeal, each team must arrange the resources to decode and receive value for the teams.

On the ride back to Saigon, perhaps the resonance of the trip still remained in each member. The group members prepared a party, they ate and talked about the bad habits, the humor they knew about each other, opened out and shared their feelings throughout the journey back.