Exotic Viet Nam & Sotrans had successfully organized the “Make Your Color” Teambuilding at Green Eye tourist area in 2015. In 2017, once again, Exotic Viet Nam was very honor to cooperate with Sotrans for Teambuilding in Vung Tau. With the careful investment from costumes to scripts, this would definitely be an unforgettable trip for each member after the trip. Through the Teambuilding “Conquer Challenges”, the company’s Board of Directors wanted to train the skills needed for the team members from clay-to-cliff skill, to problem-solving skills when dealing with difficulties. The members had united together to overcome the challenges of the program. Especially, in the face of obstacles, when standing in front of the fire, the members stiffly and vigorously jumped through the flames firmly by the encouragement and encouragement of their comrades. At the end of the show was a Gala Lunch at Lan Rung Restaurant, the members once again wandered off with the unique dance and comedic details composed by the members themselves.