Last August 2017, Nhac Cua Tui Corporation has celebrated its memorable 10th birthday with a Teambuilding – Gala Dinner Party series with a mysterious and adventurous concept. The best thing is that, with young, dynamic, dedicated and daring team, the NCT family has demonstrated the strength of a decade of persistent linkage, enthusiasm of youth and perfect teamwork among the members is the key to help the company overcome all the challenges and get the most glorious victory.

In just three days, all members of the NCT family had almost experienced all sorts of challenges including conquering hot desert, struggling to survive and to overcome all the obstacles to seek for the answers solving the legendary Mongolia. The challenges were extremely hard and harsh that almost beat the members in the middle of the desert, but they could not, because with the teamwork spirit, the members always supported each other, always worked together to solve the problems. Hence, the NCT had gone through all stages of the journey smoothly, found out the answer for the mystery and get the brilliant victory.

The series closed with the Beach Party to celebrate NCT Corp’s warm and cozy 10th birthday with a lot of memmories reminded. At that time, the words of thanks, sharing and encouragement that were given by the Board of Diractor and the membersas well, promising to go together always in the next years and share all the achivements with each other afterward, which continuously proceed the success of the glorious 10 years of the collective.