The teambuilding with the theme “Sharing & Caring: I Want To Be” is the journey of managing a company. The program has accomplished its mission of creating a effective playground where members of the company can work together, learn and support each other. All that process brings the members’ insight when standing in a different position to the current reality.

Each team will be simulated as a company with the functional departments: the management board, the sales department, the finance department, the supply department, the IT department,… The teams will divide themselves into many groups and try to complete the challenges to receive the value from the organizers. Finally, each team will complete the final mission. Members will cook a meal in the forest and sit back together and share the difficulties during the game.

Therefrom, each person will have an objective view of the mission and role of each position within the organization. Everyone can sympathize with each other so that they can be ready to share and support each other to make the company grow more.