In celebration of International Children’s Day on June 1st, 2017, Exlectrolux executives gave employees and their families a cheery and joyful day at the Smurfs’ Village – a familiar and favorite images to most children. A fun and relaxing day with the children was a supplement of energy to the parents as well as the entire staff of the company. Always full of energy, the kids, together with their parents, excellently overcame the challenges, as well as participated in the entire game booths of the event to win a lot of gifts. Moreover, during the Gala lunch, the families showed the spirit of unity and unlimited creativity in the fun games on stage, making the organizers very surprised and admired. This was also a chance for the children to experience the unique performances in many kinds of art. Thanks to these, the children were so excited concentrating in the performances and showed many cute actions and emotions. At the end of the show, the smiles still remained on the lips of all members and their family, especially the little ones, who were also filled with gifts as the trophy to bring home for celebrating the holiday. It was such a lovely and memorable event.