Cat Tien National Park is a “virgin” destination during the Covid-19 flu season, where you are free to breathe in the oxygen-filled air, the scent of wild flowers in the endless breeze.

Established in 1992, Cat Tien National Park covers an area of 71,350 ha consisting of three sectors: Nam Cat Tien (Dong Nai Province) in 39,627 ha, Cat Loc (Lam Dong Province) in 27,530 ha and West Cat Tien (Binh Phuoc Province) in 4,193 ha. On November 10, 2001, the park was recognized by UNESCO as the 411th Biosphere Reserve and the 2nd Biosphere Reserve of Viet Nam. On August 4, 2005, Bau Sau wetland, a flooded area of about 137km² in the park was recognized by the Ramsar Convention as the 1,499th most important wetland of the world and is currently one of eight Ramsar sites in Viet Nam.

The park is home to various species from fauna to flora, some are listed as rare animals and plants, together with grass lands and streams. The convergence of green treasures with 5 types of forests (broad-leaved evergreen; evergreen & semi-deciduous; mixed bamboo; pure bamboo and submerged vegetation) and Dong Nai river with lots of rapids embracing the southeast side make the park become an ideal team building playground. There are some reasons
1. 150km from Ho Chi Minh City along Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway and National Highway 20, you can easily access for a full day program, or a stopover at the midway of the journey to Da Lat or Phan Thiet (via Me Pu).
2. Due to the type of evergreen & semi-deciduous forest with 5 layers of canopy, there are not many shrubs on the forest floor, you can do team building programs in The Amazing Race format or run station by station on paths through the forest (concrete or paved). More challenging, you can find a shortcut in the forest with a GPS device.
3. The landscape is so wonderful, sometimes the butterflies fly, sometimes the sunlight dances under the forest canopy, and so on. More luckily, you can admire the mesmerizing dance of the peacocks amidst the grandeur and romance of the wild world.
4. Many bike paths range from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers including simple dirt roads and trails of basalt outcrops and vines or shrubs. Going in the rainy season, you will experience the slime of the clay layer clinging to the soles of shoes or wheels.
5. Rafting on Dong Nai River is also a breathtaking experience. The flow is regulated by hydropower plants upstream and the discharge time is announced in advance, so the river is quiet all year round. You can have refreshments at Heaven Waterfall and Ben Cu Waterfall along the rafting challenge route.

According to the criteria of eco-team building based on three main pillars (economic, environmental, and social), the team building program at Cat Tien National Park helps your company enhance its CSR efforts. The trip strengthens the relationship among your employees, fosters a sense of company pride, and gives back to the nature you visit. Your employees have opportunity to learn about environmental lessons (aesthetic, scientific, economic, etc.), and contribute to reduce non-biodegradable waste as keeping used PET bottles to refill water or being careful every step while entering the primeval world. Let’s explore it with Exotic Vietnam!